Through Small Business Consulting and Solutions Implementation, we are committed to meeting varieties of needs from entrepreneurs who want a sustainable development.

Who we are

Whyfong Consulting (WFC) is a business consulting company, dedicated to help local and international small companies to promote their brands, seize opportunities to build strong partnership between suppliers and customers, and find solutions to overcome challenges during their operation.

Our clients are the owners of small businesses who are looking for a proactive Small Business Consulting Company that has the expertise, experience, and responsibility to work with them and share their values.

We help the entrepreneurs develop for a better business.

To be the perfect partner for small companies that would like to enter a market or expand business in the marketplace.

To be the trusted representative and consultant for small companies worldwide.

To build a highly experienced team with expertise that fully understand domestic and overseas business strategies and social customs.

What we do

Building a successful company often encounters with a hard time when seeking new customers or serving existing customers, and faces some unexpected trouble during operation.

Sometimes, you simply need an extra pair of hands. Sometimes, you need different professional skills. Sometimes, you need someone who understands or who has been there to help you get the work done.

WFC provides small business consulting and solutions implementation to help you accelerate corporate development and avoid unnecessary high expenses.

When to reach us

When you are a small company that doesn´t know how to start your business.

When you are a domestic company that wants to develop business or invest overseas.

When you are an international company that would like to find local partner, develop business or invest in China.

When you are a company in trouble during operation and wants to avoid risks spending a lot of money and time but without good results.

Business Consulting and Solutions

  • is your ideal business partner.

  • works out a development plan with you.

  • attends and interprets at your business meetings.

  • visits customers and follows progress on behalf of you.

  • performs project management and reports to you regularly.

  • solves problems for you during your operation.

Let’s Work Together

WFC aims to help promote your company brand, look for big opportunities, and overcome obstacles in time in order to save your money and time and connect the customers worldwide with you.

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